Children Ministry

Sunday School 11:00 am with Pastor Seungli You
주일학교 오전 11시, 유승리 전도사


Who we are?

“Be a Christian in any situation”

“언제나 어디서나 그리스도인”
You are the salt of the earth…  You are the light of the world ”  (Matthew 5:14a,15b)

너희는 세상의 소금이라.. 너희는 세상의 빛이라


Our Vision statement

We, the children’s ministry of Lawton New Light UMC, exist

  1. To teach the children the Word and to have knowledge of God by Christ centered faith.
  2. To help children become aware of the need to have mission mind to spread the Gospel by Christ centered hope.
  3. To teach the children to be the leaders in the world to glorify God by Christ centered love.

For these, we believe that we should bring all efforts of worship, fellowship, training, discipleship, and services to produce fruits of the Holy Spirit. Also we need to tell and equip parents to bring their children to church not for fun buy living for Christ.